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Established in 1995 Castle Farm became members of the Soil Association in 1998 and achieved Organic Status in 2000. The principal activity has been beef production with a small closed suckler herd all hand reared on the 50 acre farm using only traditional low intensity farming methods.

In 2005 the Soil Association License was extended to allow fruit, vegetable and herbs to be grown and a new orchard was established together with a number of soft fruit bushes. A wide range of herbs and vegetables, selected for best flavour, are grown from seed in polytunnels with some transplanted out into open raised beds.

Castle Farm adheres to the strict guidelines imposed by the Soil Association with no chemicals, artificial fertilisers or GM crops. Biological pest control and natural compost are used to grow high quality produce as nature intended.

Up to 50% of the benefits of organic fruit and vegetable production is lost when products are shipped from a distance. When organic vegetables are purchased from major supermarkets having originated from other countries up to half of the benefit is lost and even more where strict controls may not have been applied. Even UK based distributors of the increasingly popular ‘organic boxes’ use produce that has been stored and then transported for hundreds of miles.

Whether you want to buy organic for a more healthy lifestyle or to contribute towards a greener society nothing can compare with the taste and goodness of organically grown fruit and vegetables that have been freshly picked.

Castle Farm Organic produce can be purchased from the farm gate or from a few local independent outlets. We are now taking enquiries for organic boxes of assorted seasonal fruit and vegetables which we hope to launch late in 2006 subject to demand and availability.

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Locally Grown Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables

Some Reasons to go Organic

Organic foods can be more nutritious, richer in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than non-organic.

Perhaps one of the prime advantages of organic food is that it is pure food, nothing more, nothing less. Forget E-numbers, hydrogenated fats, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives – none of the additives lurking in processed and fast food are permitted in organic foods. There are no residual antibiotics, growth hormones or BSE in organic meat. If you want a diet based on natural food that hasn't been tampered with – think organic.

Benefits of eating organic food
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